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Two articles in the Alabama State Code apply directly to Bicycles. They are Section 32-5A Article 12 Bicycles and Play Vehicles and Section 32-5A Article 13 Bicycle Safety. For a printout of both articles suitable for carrying with you on your bike click HERE.

Alabama Traffic Code
Click HERE to begin. Once on the website do the following: Select the left blue tab called Code of Ala then select view or search on the left blue column. Select View Title 32 Chapter 5A Article 12 for those sections about bicycles.

Article 1 General Provisions.

Section 32-5A-1 Short title.
Section 32-5A-2 Provisions of chapter refer to vehicles upon highways; exceptions.
Section 32-5A-3 Required obedience to traffic laws.
Section 32-5A-4 Obedience to police officers and firemen.
Section 32-5A-5 Persons riding animals or driving animal-drawn vehicles.
Section 32-5A-6 Persons working on highways; exceptions.
Section 32-5A-8 Violations as misdemeanor; penalties.
Section 32-5A-7 Authorized emergency vehicles.
Section 32-5A-9 Penalty for felony.
Section 32-5A-10 Disposition of fines and forfeitures.
Section 32-5A-11 Uniformity of interpretation.
Section 32-5A-12 Chapter not retroactive.
Section 32-5A-13 Provisions cumulative; laws not repealed.

Article 2 Traffic Signs, Signals and Markings.

Section 32-5A-30 Uniform marking of highways and erection of traffic-control devices.
Section 32-5A-31 Obedience to traffic-control devices; devices presumed to comply with requirements.
Section 32-5A-32 Traffic-control signal legend.
Section 32-5A-33 Pedestrian-control signals.
Section 32-5A-34 Flashing signals.
Section 32-5A-35 Lane-direction-control signals.
Section 32-5A-36 Display of unauthorized signs, signals or markings as public nuisance; signs, markings, etc., to be approved; procedure for approval.
Section 32-5A-37 Interference with official traffic-control devices or railroad signs or signals.

Article 3 Operation and Use of Vehicles Generally.

Section 32-5A-50 Unattended motor vehicle.
Section 32-5A-51 Limitations on backing.
Section 32-5A-52 Driving upon sidewalk.
Section 32-5A-53 Obstruction to driver's view or driving mechanism.
Section 32-5A-54 Opening and closing vehicle doors.
Section 32-5A-55 Riding in house trailers.
Section 32-5A-56 Driving on mountain highways.
Section 32-5A-57 Coasting prohibited.
Section 32-5A-58 Following emergency vehicle prohibited.
Section 32-5A-58.1 Yielding right-of-way to stationary authorized emergency vehicle.
Section 32-5A-59 Crossing fire hose.
Section 32-5A-60 Putting glass, etc., on highway, road, street or public right-of-way prohibited; removal; throwing of litter onto highway, etc., prohibited; penalty.
Section 32-5A-61 Driver not to proceed where traffic obstructed.
Section 32-5A-62 Snowmobile operation limited.

Article 4 Driving on and Use of Roadways Generally;
Overtaking and Passing.

Section 32-5A-80 Driving on right side of roadway; exceptions.
Section 32-5A-81 Passing vehicles proceeding in opposite directions.
Section 32-5A-82 Overtaking vehicle on left.
Section 32-5A-83 When passing on right permitted.
Section 32-5A-84 Limitations on overtaking on left.
Section 32-5A-85 Further limitations on driving on left of center of roadway.
Section 32-5A-86 No-passing zones.
Section 32-5A-87 One-way roadways and rotary traffic islands.
Section 32-5A-88 Driving on roadways laned for traffic.
Section 32-5A-89 Following too closely.
Section 32-5A-90 Driving on divided highways.
Section 32-5A-91 Access onto controlled roadways restricted.
Section 32-5A-92 Restrictions on use of controlled-access roadway.

Article 5 Right-of-way.

Section 32-5A-110 Vehicle approaching or entering intersection.
Section 32-5A-111 Vehicle turning left.
Section 32-5A-112 Vehicle entering stop or yield intersection; collision as prima facie evidence of failure to yield.
Section 32-5A-113 Authority to designate through highways and stop and yield intersections.
Section 32-5A-114 Vehicles entering highway from private road or roadway.
Section 32-5A-115 Operation of vehicles on approach of authorized emergency vehicles; signals on emergency vehicles; duty of emergency vehicle driver.
Section 32-5A-116 Highway construction and maintenance.

Article 6 Turning, Starting and Stopping Generally.

Section 32-5A-130 Required position and method of turning at intersections.
Section 32-5A-131 Turning on curve or crest of grade prohibited.
Section 32-5A-132 Starting parked vehicle.
Section 32-5A-133 Turning movements and required signals.
Section 32-5A-134 Signals by hand and arm or signal lamps.
Section 32-5A-135 Method of giving hand and arm signals.
Section 32-5A-136 Stopping, standing or parking outside of business or residence districts.
Section 32-5A-137 Stopping, standing or parking prohibited in specified places.
Section 32-5A-138 Additional parking regulations.
Section 32-5A-139 Officers authorized to remove vehicles.

Article 7 Special Stops Required.

Section 32-5A-150 Obedience to signal indicating approach of train.
Section 32-5A-151 Certain vehicles must stop at all railroad grade crossings; exceptions.
Section 32-5A-152 Moving heavy equipment at railroad grade crossings.
Section 32-5A-153 Emerging from alley, driveway or building.
Section 32-5A-154 Overtaking and passing school bus or church bus; penalties and fines.
Section 32-5A-155 Visual signals on school and church buses.

Article 8 Speed Restrictions.

Section 32-5A-170 Reasonable and prudent speed.
Section 32-5A-171 Maximum limits.
Section 32-5A-172 Establishment of state speed zones.
Section 32-5A-173 When local authorities may and shall alter maximum limits.
Section 32-5A-174 Minimum speed regulation.
Section 32-5A-175 Special speed limitation on motor-driven cycles.
Section 32-5A-176 Special speed limitation over bridge or elevated structure; conclusive evidence of speed.
Section 32-5A-176.1 Speed limits in construction zones.
Section 32-5A-177 Charging violations; burden of proof in civil actions; arrest for violation of speed laws communicated from officer operating measuring device to another officer; testimony derived from use of speed measuring device.
Section 32-5A-178 Racing on highways; penalties.

Article 9 Serious Traffic Offenses.

Section 32-5A-190 Reckless driving.
Section 32-5A-191 Driving while under influence of alcohol, controlled substances, etc.
Section 32-5A-191.1 (Repealed effective October 1, 1997) Additional fines on persons convicted of offenses involving driving under the influence.
Section 32-5A-191.2 Administration and disposition of moneys in Impaired Drivers Trust Fund.
Section 32-5A-191.3 Operation of vessel and other marine devices while under influence of alcohol or controlled substances.
Section 32-5A-192 Homicide by vehicle or vessel.
Section 32-5A-193 Fleeing or attempting to elude police officer.
Section 32-5A-194 Chemical tests; admissible as evidence; procedure for valid chemical analyses; permits for individuals performing analyses; persons qualified to withdraw blood; presumptions based on percent of alcohol in blood; refusal to submit; no liability for technician.
Section 32-5A-194.1 Effect of certification permits issued by State Board of Health; effect of rules and regulations enacted by State Board of Health.
Section 32-5A-195 Cancellation, suspension or revocation of driver's license; grounds, procedure, etc.

Article 9A Safe Streets Act.

Section 32-5A-200 Short title.
Section 32-5A-201 Legislative findings.
Section 32-5A-202 Definitions.
Section 32-5A-203 Seizure and forfeiture of vehicle driven by person driving while license suspended or revoked.
Section 32-5A-204 Court to inform defendant convicted of violating ยง32-5A-191 that vehicle subject to forfeiture if driven on highway.
Section 32-5A-205 Enactment of ordinance which provides for administrative sanctions involving impoundment of vehicles.

Article 10 Pedestrians' Rights and Duties.

Section 32-5A-210 Pedestrian obedience to traffic-control devices and traffic regulations.
Section 32-5A-211 Pedestrians' right-of-way in crosswalks.
Section 32-5A-212 Crossing at other than crosswalks.
Section 32-5A-213 Drivers to exercise care.
Section 32-5A-214 Pedestrians to use right half of crosswalks.
Section 32-5A-215 Pedestrians on roadways.
Section 32-5A-216 Pedestrian soliciting rides or business or fishing.
Section 32-5A-217 Driving through safety zone prohibited.
Section 32-5A-218 Pedestrians' right-of-way on sidewalks.
Section 32-5A-219 Pedestrians to yield to authorized emergency vehicles.
Section 32-5A-220 Right-of-way to blind persons, guide dogs in training.
Section 32-5A-221 Pedestrians under influence of alcohol or drugs.
Section 32-5A-222 Bridge and railroad signals.

Article 11 Motorcycles.

Section 32-5A-240 Traffic laws apply to persons operating motorcycles.
Section 32-5A-241 Riding on motorcycles.
Section 32-5A-242 Operating motorcycles on roadways laned for traffic.
Section 32-5A-243 Clinging to other vehicles.
Section 32-5A-244 Footrests and handlebars.
Section 32-5A-245 Headgear and shoes required for motorcycle riders; approval of headgear; responsibility for juvenile riders; sale of helmets.

Article 12 Bicycles and Play Vehicles.

Section 32-5A-260 Traffic laws apply to persons riding bicycles.
Section 32-5A-261 Riding on bicycles.
Section 32-5A-262 Clinging to vehicles.
Section 32-5A-263 Riding on roadways and bicycle paths.
Section 32-5A-264 Carrying articles.
Section 32-5A-265 Lamps and other equipment on bicycles.
Section 32-5A-266 Violations of article as misdemeanor; responsibility of parent or guardian; applicability of article.

Article 13 Bicycle Safety.

Section 32-5A-280 Short title.
Section 32-5A-281 Definitions.
Section 32-5A-282 Purpose.
Section 32-5A-283 Unlawful for person to use bicycle under certain conditions.
Section 32-5A-284 Duties of person regularly engaged in business of renting bicyles.
Section 32-5A-285 Statewide bicycle safety education program; manner violations handled.
Section 32-5A-286 Establishment of more comprehensive bicycle safety program by ordinance.

Article 14 Suspension of Driving Privileges for Alcohol Related Offenses.

Section 32-5A-300 Determinations requiring suspension of driving privileges by director; basis for, and finality of, determination; relationship to disposition of criminal charges.
Section 32-5A-301 Report of arresting officer.
Section 32-5A-302 Determination by director; notice.
Section 32-5A-303 Notice of intended suspension.
Section 32-5A-304 Period of suspension; relation to Section 32-5A-191.
Section 32-5A-305 Minimum periods of suspension; reinstatement.
Section 32-5A-306 Administrative review.
Section 32-5A-307 Administrative hearing.
Section 32-5A-308 Judicial review.
Section 32-5A-309 Applicability of article.

Article 15 Possession of Open Container of Alcoholic Beverages
in Motor Vehicle Prohibited.

Section 32-5A-330 Definitions; applicability; violations.


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